Thursday, December 10, 2015

TC Moore, "Puritans and the Proof in the Pudding: Is Slave-owning Unrelated to Calvinism?"


"Pure" Calvinism: Predestined to Slavery 

 Here is an example of the "genetic relationship" between Calvinist theology and slave-owning [from the lyrics of Hip Hop artist Propaganda's song "Precious Puritans"]:
They looked my onyx and bronze skinned forefathers in they face, 
Their polytheistic, god-hating face. 
Shackled, diseased, imprisoned face. 
And taught a gospel that says God had multiple images in mind when he created us in it. 
Their fore-destined salvation contains a contentment in the stage for which they were given which is to be owned by your forefathers’ superior image-bearing face. 
Says your precious puritans. 
"Fore-destined salvation" is the Calvinistic doctrine of Election and/or Predestination (both involve exhaustive definite foreknowledge and causal determinism). To what does Propaganda connect this doctrine? The false gospel of a hierarchy of image-bearing in human beings. How did that happen? Calvinist theology *necessitates* that the fate of enslaved Africans was the *predestined* will of God. Calvinist theology *necessitates* that the social injustice enacted by Puritans was *God-ordained* for *God's glory.*
The end of Calvinism is oppression. Call it: Applied Calvinism. The Puritans' problem wasn't disconnecting their theology from their practice. It's the modern-day Calvinists who have a problem with the very clear connection the Puritans made—and practiced. Here is the ugly truth: Whenever and wherever the powerful in a society believe they are specially chosen by God, oppression results. That is the historical fact—whether it is pleasant or not.

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