Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Derwin Gray (Transformation Church) Teaching on Romans 9


Back in May I alerted readers to the ongoing sermon series through the book of Romans at Transformation Church (that original post is copied below).  This past Sunday, Pastor Derwin Gray continued in the series by teaching through chapter 9 (external links):  VIDEO   |   AUDIO   |   Full Series List

He previously covered verses 1-5 in his message on June 1 (external links): VIDEO   |   AUDIO

You can watch or listen online using the links above, or download the MP3s from the Transformation Church website here or from the podcast here.

You can also follow Derwin Gray's blog at Christianity Today here.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Be sure to tune-in to the Transformation Church podcast this weekend as Pastor Derwin Gray begins to tackle Romans 9.  His sermons on Romans 8 were the first of his that I have listened to, and they were excellent.  In the latest (on Romans 8:31-39), he briefly touches on Corporate Election when addressing the word chosen/elect in verse 33 (from around minute 13:00 through 17:00 of the cast); most of the message is on imputed righteousness (this is the same way I understand these verses).

Transformation Church has been teaching through Romans since January. Here is the full list of sermons from the series.

Derwin Gray also recently tweeted a page from the book God’s Strategy in Human History which outlines “types of ‘election’ in the New Testament” (Link) (and you might remember that back in April he posted the video of NT Wright discussing the words “election” and “predestination”, which I included in a post here).

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