Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sermon series: Bruxy Cavey (The Meeting House), “We Believe: Christian Theology Learned, Loved and Lived”.

Another sermon series I want to highlight from Bruxy Cavey, teaching pastor at The Meeting House, is last summer's “We Believe: Christian Theology Learned, Loved and Lived”.  Of particular note for this blog is sermon 6, in which Bruxy discusses monergism vs synergism in salvation, and the Drive Home from sermon 5 which includes discussion of limited vs unlimited atonement (MP3 link, and note the Q&A at around 42:00 where he answers the question, "What made you rethink Calvinism?").

Here is a highlight video from sermon 6:

Full Series

The full series is HERE, including Video, Audio, Sermon notes and the Drive Home (recorded at the Theology After Party). The series includes:
  1. Week 1: Introduction and The Gospel: Prolegomena & Gospelology - Loving God With All Our Minds - Wesleyan Quadrilaterals? Sola Scriptura? Greek Translations? It's back to school at The Meeting House!
  2. Week 2: Jesus and the Bible: Christology and Bibliology - The Word of God in Print and In Person Relationship is a combination of observation and revelation.
  3. Week 3: Theology Proper: The Person and Work of God - We are most human, most alive, when we allow this glorious vision of God as loving community to free us up from preoccupation with ourselves as individuals, and become eager to serve the "we" rather than the "I".
  4. Week 4: Humanity and Sin: Every person in our lives is an opportunity to grow more like Jesus. So I am deeply grateful for everyone I know, have known, will know. Whether they love me or hate me, they will help me.
  5. Week 5: Salvation 1: Soteriology 1 Salvation Achieved - Today we are arriving at the centre of our search for truth...
  6. Week 6: Salvation 2: Soteriology 2 Salvation Received - Justification and Sanctification are like the sun's heat and light, different, but inseparable. Like the two legs of a pair of pants, rather than a pair of socks, which can be all too easily separated.
  7. Week 7: The Christian Life: Zoeology The Word of God is meant to be enfleshed in our lives today. We gather to learn about Jesus so we can go live like Jesus.
  8. Week 8: The Spirit: Pneumatology The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  9. Week 9: End Times: Eschatology Last Things
  10. Week 10: The Church and Mission: Ecclesiology/Missiology
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