Monday, July 6, 2015

Bruxy Cavey (The Meeting House) series on Calvinism, including a verse-by-verse exegesis of Romans 9

Over the weekend I added a "recommended sermon series" section to the side bar. The series I've highlighted is Chosen & Choosing: How God's life becomes ours by Bruxy Cavey (HT: SEA). Bruxy is teaching pastor at The Meeting House, a church in the Toronto area, and author of The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus (Find in a Library).

In this series Bruxy explains that he became a Calvinist while in seminary, and thereafter pastored a Baptist church where he taught Calvinism, but eventually he came to embrace an Arminian-Anabaptist soteriology.  He walks through each of the 5-points of Calvinism and contrasts them with his own acronym G.R.A.C.E.
Be sure to also listen to the “Drive Home”, especially from Part 3 where Bruxy spends almost an hour exegeting verse-by-verse through Romans 9. The Drive Home is a Podcast Bruxy records after the sermon to address anything he did not have time to cover, or to go deeper into a topic. There is a Drive Home included for each of the first four sermons.

Click on the sermon title to access the audio, video, notes, quotes and the drive home. Here is the full sermon list (external links):
  1. Embracing Grace”;
  2. Dead Man Walking”;
  3. Freed for Faith+ Drive Home: Exegeting Romans 9;
  4. Love Unlimited”;
  5. An Offer You Can't Refuse?”;
  6. Till Death Do Us Part”; and
  7. Wrapping Up (The Gift)”.

More from Bruxy

Although I've linked these sermons before, Bruxy also covers Romans 9 in the following:
  • Cruciform Faith”, from the series Not Ashamed Part 2 — Romans (June 12, 2005); and
  • Free Willy”, from the series Discovering your Destiny (February 03, 2002).

He also has an excellent series on suffering and sovereignty: My God Why? Asking the hard questions about God and suffering, which includes (again HT: SEA):
  1. Questioning the Suffering God”;
  2. The Problem with the Problem of Evil”;
  3. The Origin of Evil”;
  4. Evil Explanations for Evil”;
  5. A Spirituality of Suffering”; and
  6. An Enemy Has Done This!”.

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